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The importance of singing lullabies

Did you know.....

lullabies help soothe children and help them calm down no matter how beautiful your voice is?

Having a bedtime lullaby routine allows you to make sure you spend time singing to your child a little bit every day and thus ensures their musical development. (And, in case you ever worry about the sound of your voice, there is no one else around to hear you sing!) Your child will deeply benefit from this musical bedtime routine, and you will feel more and more comfortable singing with and to your child.

While putting your child to bed, try singing a song that you know, even if it's not a traditional lullaby. Pick one of your favorite songs (a pop song or even a classic rock song, whatever kind of music you like) and sing it softly and slowly. This will help your child to relax and get to sleep faster.

Running out of song choices? You can do some research on the internet and you will find many songs that will inspire you. Looking for more? Our Music Together classes are a great idea for your little ones between the ages of 0 - 5 years old. You will find information about these courses at the following link: Music Together


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