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2020 Cancelled
See you next year!
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2023 Top Artists Camp in Laval


Popstar Camp

5 - 9 yrs 

1 week


School of Rock.png

School of Rock

8 -12 yrs

1 week


Little Mermaid.png

Mermaid Camp

Musical Theatre

7 - 12 ans

2 weeks



Rock 101

6 - 9 yrs 

2 weeks



Rock Band Camp

8  - 12 ans

2 weeks




12 yrs and up

2 weeks

1/2 days


Keep your kids passionate and excited about music and performing this summer with our Tops Artists summer day camps in Laval. Our new formula offers musical themed camps for children from 5 years and up. This is a great opportunity to work on self confidence, create new friendships, develop creativity, and improve artistic performance. If you are looking for an excellence camp where your child will not only have fun but will also continue to learn, this is it!

Our camp is BILINGUAL and takes place indoors, in an air-conditioned environment for 4 weeks only.

Do not miss these camps ! Sign up now!

1. Popstar Camp - This film, so popular that the 3rd in this series will be released in 2023, contains a lot of material to build a whole camp about it. Songs, dances, crafts, costumes, stage performances will fill your children's days. What a great way to help build your child's confidence with these activities that all revolve around music. - offered week of June 26, and July 10

2. School of Rock Camp - Let your kids have a real music class experience so cool they'll think they're in the actual movie. Songs, dances, crafts, performances will fill your children's days who in turn will come out of it all with new friendships, a deeper appreciation of music and all its possibilities. - offered week of July 3 and 17

3. Mermaid Camp - Did your children really enjoy the movie and can't get enough of the story or the songs? They can join us "under the sea," for a production specially produced for the occasion. In this camp, your child will play a character from the story in preparation for a musical that will be presented to you at the end of camp. - offered from June 26 - July 7 only - show on July 7

4. Rock 101 Camp - Your child has no musical knowledge or is still considered a beginner on his instrument? Our Rock 101 music camps will fill your child's day learning to play music, teamwork and more, in this incredible musical experience. - offered July 10 - 21

5. Rock Band Camp - Does your child play an instrument and would enjoy sharing with others? This camp is perfect! Being part of a rock band, playing songs from this repertoire and putting on their own show is the essence of this camp.

offered July 10 - 21

• Full days - 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.
• An end of camp show for our one-week campers will be filmed on Friday (without audience), or on the 2nd Friday for 2-week camps, and shared with parents via Vimeo.
• Our instructor ratio for these age groups is 1:10 (1 adult instructor with experience in the field and 1 young instructor in music training 14 -17 years old)
• Photoshoot and souvenir photo
• Editing and shooting a video of a song worked on during the camp

6. Rockado Camp - You are 13 yrs old or older? Do you know how to play an instrument and would you like to share your music, whether it's your own compositions or even well-known hits? We know spending all day alone at home can be boring but at the same time, it's summer and getting up early isn't in your plans either. We also understand that you don't need a babysitter at your age, but rather a mentor who can help you create your music. Come and spend 2 weeks, afternoons only, making music with other young people like you. - offered July 10 - 21

Fees: ***ATTENTION - Boxing Day SALE - 30% off listed fees - DECEMBER 26 - January 7 only
Sing and School of Rock Camp - 1 week, full days: 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. - $280
Little Mermaid, Rock 101 and Rock Band Camp - 2 weeks, full days: 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. - $560
Rockado Camp - 2 weeks, half days: 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. - $450

Please note that before and after childcare is included in fees for full day camps 

Our doors open at 7:30 am and close at 5:30 pm. Late fees apply. 

All done for 2023
See you back again in 2024
Thank you

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