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group piano w parent
The Ukulele Boy

Mini-musician classes
4 - 6 years old

Super nice family music school! My 5 year old daughter is learning the piano and after only 2 months she is pleading for her lessons and practicing on her own! - Virginie (Zoe's mom)

Research shows that the discipline of making music equates to a complete workout for our brain. Gaining confidence, connection, belonging, excellence, respect, focus, positivity, family, and love are all a part of it.

Initiation à la musique
Music Initiation 

It is with joy that your child will prepare for the music lesson! In an environment of games, song and dance, these little musicians will explore the musical world. Whether it is using rhythmic sequences on percussion instruments or by handling a new instrument, your child will discover several musical concepts such as movement, musical symbols, tone and pulsation. Read on to learn more about this highly popular course. To learn more

Friday 6 pm

Découvertes musicales

Musical Discoveries

All the instruments are fun. It's about choosing the right one! It is with wonder that your young child will go in search of HIS ideal instrument. The violin, the piano, the ukulele and the song will be introduced during this course of discoveries in the practice of instruments. Click here to learn more about this experience-rich course

Saturdays 1:30 p.m - ***New semester starts May 25, 2024 

12 weeks x 45 minutes - $300 + annual registration fees   

  Mini Aloha®   

This weekly, 45 minute class introduces little ones to the ukulele. In a fun, interactive class where parents are strongly encouraged to assist, children learn music basics on the ukulele. Note reading and playing, basic chords and rhythm patterns and group music is taught. Starting with the ukulele is a great choice for the future guitar student who is not quite big enough yet to hold a guitar and practice without feeling uncomfortable. This class is for 4-6 year-olds. The class is given in a small group setting of 3-6 children and their parent. Reviewing at home is a must. Due to the low cost of ukuleles, the instruments are owned by the family and may be purchased at Laval Musique before or at the first class. 

Fridays  6:30 - starts May 24, 2024 

12 weeks x 45 minutes - $300 + annual registration fees                                                         

Mini Singers

It is with a weekly 45 minute class that these little singers learn the basics necessary to become a singing sensation. Posture, breathing, vocalizes through nursery rhymes and an age-appropriate repertoire are on the menu. In a small group of 3-6 children, these young students learn basic music notation and note singing (solfeggio) along with  fun music games where music notions are applied. Is your 4-6 year old the next Celine Dion? Seeing that everyone is born with a voice, no further instrument is needed for the class.

Saturdays - 1:15 pm   ***New semester starts January 13, 2024

  Mini Mozart®   

Many children start with the piano as their first instrument. Laval Musique in Vimont offers a weekly 45 minute group lesson for young piano beginners that are 4-6 years old. These classes  teach children to recognize the keyboard keys and identify the music notes that represent them while also learning about rhythm and pulse. A parent attends class with the child so that they can learn how  to help at home for practice. Children learn to play the piano with the help of note reading and ear training. The students develop a longer attention span and gain more self-confidence as they progress throughout the lessons. Instruments are provided in class but the family must own one at home for home practice.

Level I - BEGINNERS - Saturdays 10:15 -  ***New summer semester starts Friday, May 24 6 pm

12 weeks x 45 minutes - $300 + annual registration fees   


  Mini Vivaldi®   

The eternally classic violin is the feature in this 45 minute weekly class for little ones aged 4 - 6 years old. Accompanied by their parents, these beginner students learn the notes and techniques used to play the violin. Children learn to follow a musical score and create wonderful music through the use of their instrument. There is a maximum of 6 students per class to insure a high teacher/student ratio. Instrument rental is included in the session fees for the first session however a $150 deposit is needed to bring the instrument home. The deposit will be returned at the end of the session when the instrument is brought back to the school.

Saturdays 11:30  ***New semester not offered in January 


Are you looking to channel your child's energy to work on their concentration, help them follow directions, and help them fit in with a group of friends? Why not consider the Rhythm Kids class of the sequel to Music Together, this wonderful international musical program, based on research into child development and musical brainpower. The song, the movement and the djembe are there.

Saturdays 11:15  ***Next semester begins January 27, 2024

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