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Music Initiation 4 - 6 years old


January 12

It's time to register for the 2024 WINTER semester
Space is limited for this very popular class so don't wait, register now

This weekly, 45 minute class introduces little ones to music and all of its potential through instrument discovery. Children are introduced to different musical instruments through exploration and play. Basic reading skills as well as musical notions such as tempo, dynamics, and pitch are covered. All these elements are taught through song, dance, listening, and instrument manipulation. This program is for 4 - 6 years old. It is taught in a group of up to 10 children.


Song and dance are the backbone of this class. Children are greeted with a hello song where they are encouraged to "sing out loud and dance along" at the beginning of every class.

A new musical notion is taught every week such as high or low sounds, fast or slow movements, long or short sounds, loud or soft sounds, etc. Children will elaborate on these musical notions through song, dance and instrument play.


With this class these young students begin their journey on the road to instrument discovery. Whether it is through storytelling, guest musicians, exploration and play, the children learn to recognize different musical instruments, how they sound and how they are played.


Musical symbols and notes are also introduced. Children are given worksheets and written activities to do in class, all under the supervision of the teacher. There is no homework given at this level.


At the end of class the children are sent off with a silly goodbye song back to awaiting parents who get a quick briefing from the teacher about what was covered in class that week.


This class is a great way to kick off your child's music education and prepare him/her to choose an instrument for further musical studies.

Friday - 5:30 and 6:30 pm from January 12, 2024

  • $375 full semester (plus $35 yearly registration fees)

  • 15 classes

  • all learning materials included

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