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Igniting the excellence of YOUR musical brain

Our mission: Cultivating personal growth, harvesting meaningful connections among all, and igniting the excellence of your musical brain to last a lifetime

Trying to decide between a few different music schools in Laval to enroll at?

Let us tell you why you and your family will find their destination studio right here. 

We have been there since 1989
Our 34th anniversary!
Yep, it's been a long time.
Can you imagine yourself in a place where every student is welcomed into a large community and where individuality is not only respected but encouraged regardless of talent and ability? You've come to the right place. This is exactly how our students feel. You, like them, will benefit from the development of the musical brain which contributes to the many benefits, such as concentration, confidence, sociability, organization, responsibility and much more. Together, we grow. 
Our students learn feeling happiness and serenity and always seek to surpass themselves.
How to choose the best school for you?

At Laval Musique, we fully understand the importance that each parent places on the choice of musical education for their beloved child. How to choose the right school? Which instrument to choose? How do we know which musical style will be best for our child or ourselves? More than relevant questions that we can answer. All Laval music schools are not the same! We are committed to providing high quality programs in a happy, healthy environment so that our students and their parents get the most rewarding musical experience while creating bonds that will last a lifetime.

Our teachers

Our wonderful team of music teachers are is made up of college and university graduates or have received rigorous training in music from our school; regularly updating their musical knowledge is part of their tenure here at school. Becoming part of our team does not depend only on their academic knowledge but also on their way of doing things and of being with students of all ages and learning styles.

Our teachers celebrate each student's individuality and unique learning style. You will quickly see a beautiful bond develop between teacher and student.

Whether for excellence, progress or even as a hobby, your program, set up specifically for you, will meet your expectations.

The school is associated with the Royal Conservatory of Music; their program is well known to our teachers, who are therefore able to properly prepare students wishing to take exams whose success allows them to obtain national recognition.

The teaching team is very diverse. We are sure to be able to match your children or yourself with a teacher that will be the proper fit.

Who we serve

Located in the Vimont industrial park, we are easily accessible and now that we are offering classes online anything is possible. We are so proud to say that our students come from the international community. Your comfort is of utmost importance so you choose where you'd like your class, here with us or online from your home (or the cottage).

We’d love to hear from you!

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