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Rhythm class for 4 to 7 years old

Kids know what they like. For four- through seven-year-olds, it's telling silly stories, playing games (with rules, of course!), and sharing new things. Our interactive Rhythm Kids Online classes tap into how big kids are wired to learn. Music games, rhythm pattern play, drumming, and more engage their creativity—and inspire them to explore their musicality in new ways, both during and outside class. (No promises, but you just might find your child making music instead of watching YouTube!)

During each weekly, high-energy class, kids have a blast singing, dancing, and jamming to rhythms and tunes inspired by musical traditions around the world. Their specially trained teacher leads group and individual activities that get students up and moving as they learn to compose, choreograph, and conduct. Bonus: The music and movement activities naturally support several key developmental areas, including executive function, emerging math skills, and leadership.

Join us for the Hippo collection this Fall

Next semester Fall 2022 - Starts:

Saturday, September 17 at 9:15 - 10 week semester

Adapted class for special needs (4 - 9 yrs) - Saturday, September 10 at 2 pm

Registration opens July 11


At the start of each new semester, families receive: 

  • Rhythm Kids - CD  level 1 with download link (18 songs)

  • Rhythm Kids - Songbook  with creative rhythmical and musical activities

  • 6 online video activities, available through the Family Music Zone

All our djembes are thoroughly disinfected before and after use. You may also choose to bring your own from home. A drum, djembe or tubano is requested at home for practice.