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Music class for newborn to 18 months

It's never too early to start babies in class! Your baby is a natural music creator - cooing when you sing a nursery rhyme or squirming when you dance to your favorite song. Even small babies pay attention to musical sounds and respond to melody and rhythm. In one of our babies or mixed-age classes, you will learn musical ways to interact and bond with your baby, support their brain development, and nurture their inner musician.

Why is it important to start early? Babies are ready to learn music. The biggest explosion of neural pathways takes place from ages 0 to 1 and we want to help you, the parent, by providing music training from your child's first year of life. Thus, we help you to offer all the benefits associated with music.

Only offered in Mixed ages for Winter 2024 - see Mixed ages 0 - 5 yrs page

You get:

  • 10 x 45 minutes of class

  • A professional CD recording of the current collection.

  • A songbook that contains not only the songs from the collection but also ideas for musical activities for the family.

  • A quarterly newsletter

  • An access code to download the songs and to access the Family Music Zone, where you can find videos of musical activities.

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