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How to make practicing more interesting

Learning music can be difficult for children as it requires patience and practice. To make things easier, it can help to break the music down into smaller, more manageable chunks, introduce games that make learning fun, and provide positive reinforcement when the student is successful. Here are 7 more things to try.

1. Start by making practice sessions short and positive. Reward children with encouragement and praise for their efforts.

2. Use props such as rhythm instruments or toys to make practice more interactive.

3. Allow regular breaks during practices so they don't feel overwhelmed or bored.

4. Make certain practices feel like games. For example, have them compete against a metronome or time themselves while playing a song to see if they can play it faster than yesterday.

5. Introduce new tunes from time to time to keep the practice interesting.

6. Record practice sessions so children can hear how they are progressing.

7. Encourage children to collaborate with other musicians while practicing.


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