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"I play piano! I've been taking music lessons since I was very young. I started at around 5, I think. It started off as simple percussion and learning the basics (in music initiation) until I started piano lessons. From there I developed my love of music, all while being surrounded by great, fun people! It's not school or work for me, it's a hobby, a passion. - Sergio

" I'll never forget the great memories and friends I made at Laval Musique. From taking lessons to working there, we always had fun and created wonderful memories that will last a lifetime! Thanks  for putting up with me complaining about practicing 😃 One of my favorite memories is performing "The Prayer" with Trudy at the Festival (and winning first place).  Every time I hear that song, I remember exactly how I felt in that moment and it'll always have a special place in my heart ❤" - Sabrina

I started playing piano as of four years old. My very first teacher would leave in the middle of our lessons to go have a cigarette. My second teacher was a nearby neighbour and was… not exactly thrilling. So, I remember thinking that I really didn’t feel like continuing music lessons if that is what it was all about.


Then, my parents found out about Laval Musique. My brother started lessons there originally, when the school Shortly after, they found an actual school to accommodate more students and my parents decided it was time I tried it out. That turned into over 10 years of being part of the school.

Looking back now, it wasn’t the lessons, the theory nor the darn solfege that stuck with me. It was the family feel that took place in that school. I remember, the best way into getting out of showing my teacher the songs that I had absolutely not practiced at all was by talking about things I was going through in life, at school. Week after week, she listened. She knew more about me than most people. My parents really didn’t realize they were getting a bang for their buck by not only paying for piano lessons but a child therapist as well haha. She was not simply my teacher, she was a second mother and she was a friend. To this day I know that if ever I needed to talk she would always be there for me, for any of her students because that’s the type of woman that she is. She cares. And I feel extremely privileged to have been her student.


This school brought me lifelong friends, family, and great memories. It got me my first job, and it gave me a sense of belonging.


I think one of my most cherished memories was from one of our annual concerts. If you would put a microphone in my hand, I had no problem. Yet I never got over my insane stage fright when it came to playing the piano. I would get soooo nervous to the point that I would feel sick. We were expected to remember our pieces by heart. However one year, I completely blanked. I could not remember what I was supposed to play and panicked. My teacher obviously caught on and casually brought my sheets to me on stage. I was absolutely mortified. However when I finally finished the song, I got up, and she walked over to me and gave me the biggest hug in front of everyone and whispered “I’m proud of you” in my ear. Whether that was a pity comment or not I will never know but it definitely made me feel better !! haha. That was just it though, she was proud of us no matter what, because we were not only her students, we were her kids.

I really do wish that anyone who is considering signing their children or themselves up for music lessons chooses this school. Because as mentioned, you won’t only be learning what any school can teach you. You will be part of a community, a family. And that is really what makes Laval Musique exceptional. I am extremely lucky to have been part of it. - Valery

Laval Musique will always hold a huge place in my heart…

It is the ideal place to learn with enjoyment. I had wonderful teachers who were not only professional but also caring. I lived unforgettable experiences through the concerts, the conservatory exams, the festivals, etc.

It is more than just a music school….Laval Musique is a big, wonderful family with an undeniable love for their students.


Trudy  (please like her artist page at:

For us, Laval Musique became more than just a music school. It was where we had our first jobs as teenagers and then held on to them until the end of our university careers. It was where we had sweaty palms before a piano recital and learnt how to be more confident. It was where we had too many laughs to count and made life-long friends. It was where everyone thought we were Chantal and Peter's kids, but we really weren't... But most of all, it was where we slowly became part of a musical family. 
-- The Fiorino Sisters

I have been a member of the Laval Musique family for the past 17 years 😊 There, I developed a passion for music in a welcoming and fun environment. The friendships that I made there still hold an important place in my life today. My participation in the numerous events such as the festival, are precious memories for me. My experience at Laval Musique encouraged me to pursue university studies and a career in music. My teacher gave me many opportunities to develop my skills and allowed me to live many different facets of what it means to be a musician. Laval Musique was and still is an important part of my musical and personal journey. Thank you! 😊 - Amélie

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