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Your musical life begins here
Happiness awaits at Laval Musique 

Music also brings many benefits. Here are a few 
⭐️Enriches connections between the left and right brain
⭐️Boosts executive brain function
⭐️Strengthens speech processing
⭐️Magnifies memory
⭐️Fosters math and science ability


Excellent school. Super fun classes. My kid adores his music class. Amazing staff! One word AMAZING!
-Roxana Gauthier 

Whether you're looking for piano lessons, guitar lessons, voice lessons, or much more, our 30 years of experience making adults and children feel good about music instruction allows us to offer a wide variety of musical programs.

Whether you are a beginner or already have some experience, we have a music program for you. 

Come join the Laval Musique family and become part of a large community that will help guide you in your ever-growing musical knowledge, always with great care and special attention to your individual style of learning necessary to your musical success. 

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Watch Noemy's journey at Laval Musique
(video in French only)

With an inclusive teaching approach that responds to everyone's diverse learning, your child will easily follow a well-structured progression that will meets your expectations. 

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Why wait any longer?
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