Piano Lessons in Laval

A piano player in your family?
Watch and listen as your child gains confidence and concentration all while enjoying an activity that not only developes creativity and but also proper organisational skills

Our piano lessons are available for beginning and advanced students of all ages, levels and styles.

5 ways to begin your lessons at Laval Musique School

- Mini-Mozart® for 4 - 6 yrs

- Groupe piano for 7 - 10 yrs and 11 - 14 yrs

- Semi-private for you and your friend

- Private lessons

- Lessons for adults and seniors

Our programs begin with our Mini-Mozart group class for little ones 4 - 6 years old. For more information on this class click here and look for "Mini-Mozart."

Group lessons are offered to the child beginner that prefers a larger interaction. Classes are offered to the following age groups: 7-10 and 11-14 yrs old.  If more information on our group beginner classes, click here

As of 5 years old it is possible to register for semi-private (2 students in same class) or private lessons (1 student in class). Our semi-private and private classes are offered by 30, 45, or 60 minute periods weekly. These classes offer the student unique attention in developing their musical skills. 

Proper playing techniques, good sitting posture, dexterity exercises, strength and speed building, pieces in different musical styles offered and of course, receiving great advice given by a group of motivated and caring teachers are all included during the class. 

Help build concentration, prepare concerts and exams. Would you like to record yourself? All this is possible right now. 

HEURES DE BUREAU Septembre - Juin


Lundi - Vendredi: 15 h à 21 h

Samedi: 9 h à 17 h


Lundi - Jeudi: 13 h à 20 h

Vendredi-11 h - 18 h

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