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Cours de chant Laval, Rive Nord

Voice lessons in Laval

Is singing your passion?
Do you dream of one day taking the stage and putting on a show for screaming fans?
Turn your dreams to reality with one of our vocal classes.

Laval Musique will always hold a huge place in my heart…

It is the ideal place to learn with enjoyment. I had wonderful teachers who were not only professional but also caring. I lived unforgettable experiences through the concerts, the conservatory exams, the festivals, etc.

It is more than just a music school….Laval Musique is a big, wonderful family with an undeniable love for their students.


Trudy  (please like her artist page at:

Our voice lessons are available for beginning and advanced students of all ages.

Our programs begin with our Mini-Diva group class for little ones 4 - 6 years old. For more information on this class click here and look for "Mini-Diva."

As of 7 years old it is possible to register for private lessons. Our private classes are offered by 30, 45, or 60 minute periods weekly. Individual lessons are terrific for singing as the teacher can work directly with the student's unique voice type. 

Proper breathing techniques, good singing posture, vocal exercises, staging and artistry, singing songs in your choice of musical style and of course receiving great advice given by a group of motivated and caring teachers are all included during the class. 

Prepare for auditions, competitions, and shows. Would you like to record yourself? All this is possible. 

Join these classes now and wow your audience!
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