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Cours de batterie Laval, Rive Nord

Drum lessons in Laval

Your child is the next famous drummer?
No need to keep breaking your pots and pans.
Give your child a pair of sticks, sit him in front of a drum set and let one of our wonderful teachers handle it all

Our drum lessons are available for all levels and every music style. Our youngest drum student is 4 yrs old. At this age we start with a 30 minute class. For interested drum students of all levels, we offer 30, 45, or 60 minute classes.

Our individual private lessons offer the student complete focus on developing musicality and rhythmical skills. Proper stick and wrist technique, development of strength and endurance, drum notation reading, recognizing and playing different beats and styles are all included and of course, receiving good advice from a skilled team of teachers. 

Looking for concert, exams and CEGEP audition prep? Want to join a band? This is all possible right now! 

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