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Musical Theatre

Musical Theatre 

What a great way to teach your child self-confidence. This beginners class  initiates younger ones to musical theatre and all of its concepts: acting, singing, and dancing. Children not only learn the basics of acting through self-expression but also through voice projection and stage presence. They learn to sing and dance simultaneously through basic body movements and staged choreography. A show will be prepared for parents and guests for December and another with the teens for April.  Class material and costumes are included in the session fees. This group meets once per week for 1 h 45 minutes.

8 - 14 yrs old Wednesdays 6:00 - 8:00

Group auditions held during class time September 15 at first class 

Show dates - April 16 and 17 - must be available for both dates

Included in the fees:

  • 1 x 1 h 45 minutes of group class per week (+ 15 min break)

  • Class material 

  • costume

  • Bilingual program - Class participants agree to speak lines in French and sing in English

  • 1 show experience

  • 1 recital DVD

Fees: Yearly family registration fees - $30

$90/ month - 1st and last month payable at registration (September and April) 

Show season 2021-2022: Frozen Jr

To access the audition kit: This way

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